Car Window Shade

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Car Window Shade

Magnet Heat Insulated Car Shade Breathable Mesh UV Protection

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Short Description

Our car sunshade provides protection against UV rays to keep you safe. High-temperature driving can lead to skin burns and interference with the driver's vision, which can result in traffic accidents. Our sunshade can block out strong UV rays, while also keeping the car cool, and preventing direct sunlight from causing any discomfort or accidents.

Our car curtains come with 12 reinforced magnets for strong magnetic absorption - making installation a breeze! With them, you'll be able to securely attach the curtains to the window edge in just one second - no hassle, no slipping!

Our sunscreens are easy to flex and fold - no blocking the line of sight! A safety window lets you feel the cool breeze while still being able to keep an eye on the rear-view mirror for extra safety while you drive.

The window sunshade has a mesh design that won't let people outside see into the car, so your privacy is kept safe. The sunshade won't block your view from inside the car either, so you can still take in the sights as you travel without being exposed to the sun's rays

Enjoy A Safe Driving Experience With Our Car Sunshade

Are you looking for a way to make your driving experience more comfortable? Our car sunshade provides the perfect solution! With its effective protection against UV rays, this sunshade will keep you and your car safe from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.

High temperatures can be dangerous, not only causing burns, but also interfering with visibility and potentially leading to traffic accidents. Our car sunshade efficiently blocks UV rays, shielding you from the discomfort of high temperatures and the risk of accidents caused by direct sunlight.


- Blocks UV rays

- Provides a good shading effect

- Improves visibility and driving safety

- Enhances comfort while driving


- Constructed with high quality materials for durable protection

- Easy to install and remove

- Lightweight, compact design for portability

- Foldable for convenient storage


- Prevents sunburns and other skin damage

- Increases visibility for safer driving

- Keeps car interior cool and comfortable

- Easy to store and carry

Our car sunshade is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car. Enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience with our car sunshade.


Instantly Installed with Strong Magnetic Absorption!

Are you looking for car curtains that can be installed quickly and easily? Look no further than these car curtains, each of which has 12 reinforced magnets that directly absorb the window edge. The magnets provide a strong grip, allowing you to install the curtains in just one second. Moreover, the curtains are highly durable, so they won't easily fall off.


-12 reinforced magnets that directly absorb the window edge

-Quick and easy installation in just one second

-Strong grip ensures the curtains stay in place

-Highly durable so they won't easily fall off


-No more struggling to install your car curtains - they can be up and ready to use in just one second!

-No more worrying about your curtains falling off - the magnets provide a strong grip, keeping them in place.

-No need to worry about replacing your curtains due to wear and tear - these curtains are highly durable, so you can use them for a long time.


-Material: Polyester

-Size: Width: 150cm, Height: 45cm

-Weight: 0.5kg

-Colour: Black


Introducing Flexible Sunscreen: A Safer Driving Experience

Are you a driver looking for added safety and convenience when it comes to driving? Our sunscreens have you covered! Featuring a flexible design, you can fold these sunscreens at will without compromising the line of sight. Plus, a special safety window ensures that you can stay cool while still being able to check the rear-view mirror.

Our sunscreens are designed with portability and convenience in mind. They are lightweight and easy to store in your vehicle, making them the perfect solution for your car. Plus, they are made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting and won't fade or tear easily.

Whether you’re a long-distance driver or just driving around the city, our sunscreens offer added convenience and safety that you won’t find anywhere else. With an affordable price, you can enjoy the best features of our sunscreens and drive with peace of mind.

So don't wait any longer, get your own flexible sunscreens and enjoy a safer driving experience!


A Sunshade for Privacy and Comfort:

Are you looking for a car window sunshade to protect your privacy while still enjoying the scenery? Look no further than this mesh sunshade. It has a highly concealed design that makes it impossible for passersby to see inside your car, allowing you to feel secure and protected.

The sunshade also won't obstruct your inner car window view, so you can still admire the sights outside. It won't make your car too hot either, as it blocks out the sun's rays. This window sunshade is perfect for those who want to keep their privacy while still being able to enjoy the journey.


-Mesh design for high concealment

-Blocks out sun's rays

-Protects your privacy

-Does not obstruct inner car window view


-Can enjoy the scenery without the sun's rays

-Feel secure and protected in your car

-Don't have to worry about passersby seeing inside your car

-Privacy is maintained while still being able to enjoy the journey


Does it protect against UV rays?

- High-temperature driving will not only burn the skin, but intense ultraviolet rays will also interfere with the driver's vision, leading to traffic accidents. Our car sunshade can effectively block strong ultraviolet rays, and has a good shading effect, thereby avoiding the discomfort caused by the extremely high temperature in the car and the accidents caused by direct sunlight.


Is it strong enough to hold?

- These car curtains each have 12 reinforced magnets, which directly absorb the window edge so you can install it in one second and it's not easy to fall.


Is it flexible?

- Our sunscreens can be folded at will without blocking the line of sight. A safety window is reserved to enjoy the cool and at the same time, it is convenient to observe the rear-view mirror, making your driving safer.


Does it give you more privacy?

- The window sunshade has a mesh design, which is highly concealed. Passersby cannot see the inside of the car, which protects your privacy. At the same time, it will not block your view from the inner car window. You can enjoy the scenery along the way without being exposed to the sun.



Material: about 95gsm polyester mesh

Magnet: 7 arcs, 5 squares

Size: about 80*50cm

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