Anti-Fog Helmet Windscreen Sticker

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Anti-Fog Helmet Windscreen Sticker

Universal Protective Film, Transparent Visor Windscreen Sticker

Options: Rainproof film
Size: 9x25cm
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Short Description

This film is made with polycarbonate for better optical sharpness with less distortion and it also has anti-fog and anti-abrasion qualities.

This face shield has a special molecular structure that prevents physical hydrolysis - it won't reduce the anti-fog effect even when it's wet in the rain To clean it just wipe with water and you can keep using it.

Ordinary anti-fog patches can get ruined if they get wet in the rain, but this face shield will keep your vision clear and not be affected by fogging.

This insert does not fit any specific make or helmet type It looks like a general product and should fit the majority of number plates.

This anti-fog part has a special treatment applied to both sides to make it harder and more resistant to wear and tear - it's called surface hardness reinforcement.

Enjoy Optimal Vision with Our Polycarbonate-Based Film

Are you looking for a film that offers superior optical sharpness and minimal distortion? Look no further than our polycarbonate-based film! Our film is designed to provide you with the best in clarity and vision, allowing you to enjoy a sharp and clear view.

Made with anti-fog and anti-abrasion properties, our film is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get the most out of their vision. With a strong and durable construction, our film is designed to last and provide you with optimal clarity for years to come.

The polycarbonate-based film is perfect for a variety of applications, including photography, video recording, and more. Whether you're looking to take stunning photos or record clear and vivid videos, our film has you covered. And its anti-fog and anti-abrasion properties mean that you can use it in any environment, no matter the weather.

Take advantage of our polycarbonate-based film and start enjoying superior vision today!


Introducing The New Anti-Fog Technology: Anti-Physical Hydrolysis!

Are you looking for a reliable face shield that won’t fog up in the rain? Our Anti-Physical Hydrolysis face shield has you covered!

This innovative face shield has a unique molecular structure that prevents the anti-fog effect from diminishing, even when wet. Plus, it requires minimal effort to clean up. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and you’re ready to go.

Unlike ordinary anti-fog patches, our Anti-Physical Hydrolysis face shield won’t break or fall off in the rain. You can rest assured that your face shield won’t be fogged up and cause you to be dazzled.

So if you’re looking for a dependable, anti-fog face shield, then our Anti-Physical Hydrolysis face shield is exactly what you need. Get your hands on it today and never worry about your face shield fogging up again! 


Get a Clear Vision with Our Anti-Fog Part!

Are you looking for an anti-fog part that will help you get the clearest vision possible? Look no further than our anti-fog part! Our anti-fog part is specially designed with surface hardness reinforcement treatment applied to both sides, increasing the hardness and wear resistance of the lens. This guarantees that you’ll be able to get the clearest vision possible, no matter the visibility conditions.

Our anti-fog part is the perfect solution for any situation. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and is resistant to wear and tear. Plus, it’s built to last. The surface hardness reinforcement treatment applied to both sides of the lens gives it an extra layer of protection that ensures a long life.

When you buy our anti-fog part, you don’t just get a product that is built to last; you get a product that is built to perform. The surface hardness reinforcement treatment applied to the lens ensures that you’ll get the clearest and most precise vision, no matter what the visibility conditions.

Our anti-fog part is the perfect solution for any situation. Get the clearest vision possible with our anti-fog part today!


Does it work against distortion, fog and abrasion?

- Polycarbonate-based film has better optical sharpness with less distortion—Anti-fog, anti-abrasion.


How to use it? 

- Anti-physical hydrolysis: particular molecular structure. It will not reduce the anti-fog effect after wetting in the rain. After cleaning, wipe with water and continue to use. Ordinary anti-fog patch, the anti-fog layer breaks and falls off after the rain. The use of lenses, the idea not to be dazzled by fogging the face shield.


What kind of helmet does it fit?

-The insert is not suitable for any particular make or helmet style. It looks like a generic product and should fit most number plates.


What influence does it have?

- Surface hardness reinforcement: the treatment of support of surface hardness is applied to both sides of the anti-fog part, which can indirectly increase the hardness and wear resistance of the lens.



Anti-fog film 7*23.5cm, rain film 7*23.5cm, rain film 7.5*25cm, anti-fog film 7.5*25cm, rain film 8*25cm, anti-fog film 8*25cm, rain film 9 *25cm, anti-fog film 9*25cm

Product types: motorcycle helmets, goggles, electric bicycle helmets

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Anti-Fog Windscreen Sticker

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Anti-Fog Windscreen Sticker

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