4 USB Ports Car Charger Max

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4 USB Ports Car Charger Max

4 USB Ports Fast Charger For Car Black and White

Colour: White
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Short Description

Our temperature control chip ensures that continuous charging won't cause your device to overheat, meaning you can charge your device with confidence and peace of mind at all times.

When powered on, the LED aperture glows with a soft blue light which makes it easy to use the USB charging interface even in the dark.

This product is compatible with many USB devices like smartphones, tablets, power banks and dash cams.

This product has four USB interfaces that allow for two mobile phones and one tablet to charge at the same time with a 2.1A high current.

Our stainless steel spring buckle is designed for worry-free charging – it won’t get bumped out of place and is stable at 12V-24V, suitable for all types of cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles and trucks.

Introducing the Ultimate Charging Experience - The Temperature Control Chip

Are you looking for the perfect way to charge your electronic devices? Look no further than the Temperature Control Chip. This revolutionary chip is designed to provide a safe and efficient charging experience, allowing you to charge your devices while avoiding the risk of overheating.

The Temperature Control Chip is designed to monitor the charging process and prevent overheating. The chip continuously monitors the temperature of the device and adjusts the charging current accordingly. This ensures that your device is always charged safely and without the risk of overheating.

In addition to preventing overheating, the Temperature Control Chip also ensures maximum charging efficiency. The chip constantly adjusts the charging current to optimize the charging process, ensuring that your device is charged quickly and efficiently.

The Temperature Control Chip is the perfect way to keep your devices charged and safe. With its continuous monitoring and temperature adjustment, you can be sure that your device will never be at risk of overheating. And with its efficient charging process, you can be sure that your device will be charged quickly and efficiently.

So, take your charging experience to the next level with the Temperature Control Chip. Charge your devices safely and efficiently with this revolutionary chip.


Introducing Our Soft Blue LED Aperture!

Do you ever need to charge your device at night, but can't find the USB charging interface? Now with our Soft Blue LED Aperture, you can find the right port quickly and easily!

This LED Aperture lights up in a soft blue light after power-on, providing enough illumination to see the USB charging interface and save you time.

Our Soft Blue LED Aperture offers you:

- Easy visibility in the dark – no more struggling to find the right port in the dark

- Soft blue light – provides enough illumination without blinding you

- USB charging interface – quickly and easily charge your device

Make sure you have the right port for your device and get our Soft Blue LED Aperture today!

Charge Your Devices with Ease: The Universal USB Compatible Charger

Tired of trying to find cables that fit your devices? Look no further than the Universal USB Compatible Charger! This charger is designed to be compatible with a variety of USB devices, making it the perfect choice for all your charging needs.

The Universal USB Compatible Charger works with a wide range of devices, from mobile phones and tablets, to charging treasures and driving recorders. You can easily plug in any USB device and get the power you need, no matter the device. Not only is it compatible with a variety of devices, it is also designed to be reliable and efficient.

This charger is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for bringing with you on the go. With its small and compact design, it fits easily into a backpack or purse, and won't take up much room.

The Universal USB Compatible Charger is the perfect choice for when you need a reliable and efficient charging device. So don't waste any more time looking for the right cable, and get the Universal USB Compatible Charger today!



Get Your Gadgets Charged In A Jiffy With Our Four USB Interfaces 

Do you need your devices to be charged quickly? Look no further than our four USB interfaces with 2.1A high current charging! Our product is the perfect solution for you to charge your phones and tablets at the same time.

Our four USB interfaces allow you to charge multiple devices quickly, saving you time and effort. With an impressive 2.1A high current charging, our interface will give your gadgets the boost they need. Additionally, our four USB interfaces are designed to be user-friendly and efficient, allowing you to charge your devices with ease.

Our four USB interfaces are the perfect choice for those who are always on the go. With our product, you can be sure that your gadgets will be charged quickly and efficiently. Plus, you won't have to worry about carrying multiple chargers or adapters to charge your devices.

So, don't wait any longer! Get your gadgets charged in a jiffy with our four USB interfaces with 2.1A high current charging. Buy our product today and experience the convenience and efficiency of our four USB interfaces!

The Ultimate Car Charger – Never Fear Bumping Again!

Tired of your car charger disconnecting with the slightest bump? Our stainless steel spring buckle car charger is the perfect solution! With superior stability and a wide range of compatibility with 12V-24V cars, SUVs, off-roads and trucks, you can charge your device with no fear of interruption.


- Stainless steel spring buckle for superior stability and reliability

- Wide range of compatibility with 12V-24V cars, SUVs, off-roads and trucks

- No fear of bumping, providing stable charging


- Superior stability and reliability for long-lasting usage

- Enjoy consistent charging capabilities, even on bumpy roads

- Compatible with a wide range of vehicles

Don’t let bumps hinder your charging capabilities any longer. Get the ultimate car charger with our stainless steel spring buckle device – never fear bumping again!


Does it have a temperature control chip?

- Temperature control chip, continuous charging is not hot, make charging safer.

Is it easy to use at night?

- After power-on, the LED aperture lights up in soft blue light, making it easy to use the USB charging interface at night.

Does it have wide compatibility?

- Compatible with a variety of USB devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, charging treasures, driving recorders, etc.

Can it charge multiple phones/tablets at the same time?

- Four USB interfaces 2.1A high current, mobile phone tablet charging at the same time.

What is it made of?

- Stainless steel spring buckle, no fear of bumping, stable charging, added points for peace of mind

On what cars can I use it?

- Suitable for 12V-24V: car, SUV, off-road, truck, etc.


3A QC3.0 4USB car charger, fast charge car charger, one for four mobile phone car charger, cross-border wholesale.


Material: ABS
Input voltage: 220 (V)
Output voltage: 5 (V)
Output current: 3000 (mA)
Working temperature: 40 (℃)
Output interface: USB
Product Certification: Shenzhen
Applicable charging range: car, power bank, tablet computer
Product size: 3.8*3.8*7cm

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